the Network @ the 64th Annual TCCTA Convention

Hello friends!

We must apologize for the lag in blogging here at the Network.

Tons of new stuff going on has got us super busy.

In a couple of weeks the Network staff, Renee, Kat, Brian & myself will be heading down to the San Antonio Riverwalk for the 2011 TCCTA Convention.

The Network newbies, Kat & Brian will be presenting their progress on the Career & Pathways project, which started this past September, at the beginning of our fiscal year. They will also be making the rounds and picking brains about course transfer, Dual Credit, career clusters and the like. If you see them wandering around aimlessly, please make sure you say hi to them.

Renee and myself, for the second time will be recording a handful of sessions.

We will be running around all over the place, but hope to see some of you in San Antonio.

Happy & prosperous 2011!

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Posted by mmolina on 01/13 at 11:11 AM
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