Lone Star College-Online’s Distance Learning Module Series

As THECB-Perkins funded projects, the Network has partnered with Lone Star College-Online to distribute the Faculty Development Modules for Online Teaching.

From Lone Star College-Online's site:


"The Faculty Development Modules for Online Teaching Grant is funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in conjunction with the Lone Star College System.  Project partners include Spring ISD and Sam Houston State University.

The project goal is to create 12 stand-alone modules of instruction designed to improve the effectiveness of an online or hybrid class."

As a Texas Network user, you can access the modules and have them counted in your professional development curriculum.

Click on the name of each module to access it (log-in here):

Module 1: Introduction to Online Learning (transcript)

Module 2: Flexibility and Time Management (transcript)

Module 3: Learning Styles (transcript)

Module 4: Classroom Management and Communication (transcript)

Module 5: Cultural and Global Considerations (transcript)

Module 6: Legal Issues (transcript)

Module 7: Collaboration and Community Building (transcript)

Module 8: Trends in Online Learning (transcript)

Module 9: Assessment (transcript)

Module 10: Web Literacy (transcript)

Module 11: Vertical and Horizontal Alignment (transcript)

Module 12: Student Retention and Faculty Development (transcript)

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Engaging Your Students: A Few Simple Ideas

As part of its free, live webinar series, the Texas Network for Teaching Excellence (the Network) would like to invite you to a presentation entitled "Engaging Your Students: A Few Simple Ideas", scheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd from 2:00-3:00pm CST (check for local time).

Presented by Dr. Terry Stewart Mouchayleh, Director of Professional Development & Evaluation at Austin Community College and Project Director of the Network.

Most faculty would agree that getting all materials and information completed in one class period and one semester is almost impossible.  There is little or no time to teach students how to be successful college students in addition to teaching them important course content. However, taking simple steps before the class begins and few minutes per class period to give your students a “heads up” about the institution, their roles as students, and the support services available to them can make a huge difference in their personal and academic success.  This workshop will focus on the easiest and least distracting ways to remind students of things they already know (but have forgotten) or never even knew about.

Archived Recording of this Session


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