January 26 Webinar Results




What other Dual Credit topics should we feature? Comments/Suggestions?

Houston Community College: I especially liked knowing what other colleges in Texas are doing in dual credit

San Jacinto College Central Campus: Transferability issues - developing articulations with 4 year universities

Tarrant County College: Some high schools require college faculty to supply or input grades every three weeks. This does not truly provide the high school students with a true college experience.

Vernon College: How payment of a course works at one institution versus another. For example it was said that for Amarillo College it is only $40 a credit hr, how do you make this possible because my students must pay full tuition?

San Jacinto College Central Campus: Registration issues, cheating issues (cell phone use in class, etc.)

Lonestar: Registration process best practices, testing procedures, eligibility requirements

Collin College: Registration processes, grading processes

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Posted by mmolina on 01/27 at 10:15 AM
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