Preview of the 2013 Sloan-C Certificate Program

The Certificate Program, with its unique blend of research and practitioner-based resources, strong learning community support, and a personal mentor, has helped prepare many educators for successful online teaching and course design. Our new and improved 2013 Certificate Program continues our commitment to quality professional development while also incorporating new research and resources. Please join us for this sneak preview of our 2013 Certificate Program and learn all about what this program can offer you and your faculty.

Bethany Bovard is an instructional designer and faculty for the Sloan-C Institute. Her primary interests are in the areas of online professional development of educators interested in learning how to design, develop, and teach online courses. Bethany's background in computer technologies began in the late 1970's and, while she is passionate about technology in general, she is equally passionate about helping faculty effectively use any technology to support the learning objectives of their courses. Bethany's work with Sloan-C allows her to indulge those passions daily.