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Program Development: Renewable Energy 4/10/2009 (Video)

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As part of its free, live webinar series, the Texas Network for Teaching Excellence in Career and Technical Education (the Network) would like to invite you to a presentation on Renewable Energy program development in the Community College by Edward Ardizoni of Austin Community College.

In response to Austin Energy’s requirement to provide 20% of Austin’s energy through renewable sources by 2012, and 30% by 2020, Austin Community College was tasked to train a workforce to support the new renewable energy industry. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) established a nationally recognized level of knowledge examination for the solar/renewable industry. Austin Community College currently offers test preparatory classes that are designed to meet the NABCEP competencies at the entry and professional level. Students are exceeding the national examination passing average by 30% and the program has been enthusiastically embraced by the community. This webinar will focus on how the program was designed and will provide tips and ideas on how other Community Colleges can create similar programs at their institutions.

Edward Ardizoni is the coordinator for the continuing education renewable energy program at Austin Community College (ACC). Ed has worked at ACC for 16 years in various rolls; Adjunct Professor and Assistant Professor for the Electronics and Advanced Technology Department and currently Coordinator for the Business & Industry Institute. As coordinator, he is tasked with procuring equipment and instructional talent to support the training program and sustain workforce benchmarks for the emerging renewable energy industry.

The webinar was held April 10, 2009 at 10:30am.

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