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Successful Recruitment of Female Students into STEM & Green Tech-related Programs (Interactive Training Module)

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If “Green Jobs” are the wave of the future - will Women be trained and ready for these opportunities, when they arrive? After a one year DOL-Women’s Bureau sponsored recruitment campaign, ACC has been able to boost women’s enrollment in “Green Tech” coursework from 10% to 50%. The Key is “effective messaging!” Learn about recent findings regarding STEM Recruitment for Women – and how this applies to the field of Green Technologies (like Renewable Energy and Weatherization). Women in Green Jobs – Yes They Can!

Key Presenter Tricia Berry, Director – “Women in Engineering Program”/UT-Austin, Co-presenter Shelley Attix/ACC “Women In Green Jobs Campaign,” Workforce-CE Manager

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Austin Community College (by: Tricia Berry, UT-Austin and Shelley Attix, ACC)