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Courseworld (Website)

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From TCCTA's blog:

A grassroots, nonprofit initiative staffed entirely by volunteers features 16,000 curated online videos—all hand-selected, keyword-tagged, and indexed into 700 categories within the arts and humanities. And it is free.

The site is called Courseworld. It's kind of fun to peruse, regardless of teaching discipline. Lots of good stuff in there.

The project addresses two common issues with the rapidly growing field of online education, according to a press release:

First is the problem of discovery. While sites like YouTube are easy to search, they can be difficult to browse; there’s too much content, categories are too broad and quality is inconsistent. Second, educational tech platforms have been largely biased toward science and tech topics.

Incidentally, the site may be a useful resource for a "flipped" class, in which students view the lectures online and then come to class for discussion and individual help.
(This is a Free Resource)

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