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Create a Meaningful Articulation Alliance (Interactive Training Module)

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Recorded at Education Open Source 2012.

Creating an articulation alliance between secondary and post‐secondary institutions allows for continued support of tech prep services, a renewed interest in articulations, and the expansion of relationships between colleges and ISD's. Articulation alliances directly benefit high school students continuing on their career pathway after high school. Learn how your region can harness the service arrangements put in to place by recent Tech Prep programs.

Presented by:
Katie Laza, CTE Director, Angleton ISD
Pam Bethscheider, Director of Articulation Alliance, College of the Mainland
Barbara Derrick, CTE Director, Pearland ISD
(This is a Free Resource)

The Network Dual Credit Project (by: Katie Laza, Pam Bethscheider, Barbara Derrick)