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Dana Center presents: “About the NMP: Student Success Focus” (Video)

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The New Mathways Project Team is pleased to announce its second NMP webinar, entitled "About the NMP: Student Success Focus". This webinar was conducted by Nancy Stano, lead developer for the NMP student success course - Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning, and Tom Connolly, lead developer for NMP professional learning services and products.

The first part of the webinar features a general overview of the NMP, including: the driving philosophy behind its inception, Dana Center principles for reform of developmental and gateway mathematics, the TACC-Dana Center partnership, and the NMP course sequence.

The second part of the webinar focuses on the student success course - Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning. This will include: course outcomes and goals, structure of curricular materials, the research base behind the development of the course, and previews of sample lessons.

Download a PDF version of the presentation: About the NMP
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