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Library Services for Remote Users (Interactive Training Module)

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Libraries and library services are hardly new concepts. Since the days of the Alexandria Library, mankind has attempted to collect, preserve, and make information more readily available. What has changed, however, is the way information is disseminated since the advent of Internet. In academic libraries, the challenge is to provide information to the user who could be as close as in the dorm on-campus or as faraway as the user halfway around the world. Users now expect their quest for information to be easy and convenient. Distance users may also not be able to differentiate between high-quality information and that of lesser quality when searching for sources. Although many institutions define their Distance Learning (DL) students as only those who are remote from the campus, most libraries include those students who are enrolled in perhaps a combination of traditional classroom instruction and in Distance Education (DE) courses. With these kinds of challenges, consideration as to the best practices for providing information must become a priority.
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Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (by: Marian N. Jackson, MLS Director of Library Services Tyler Junior College)