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Mentoring in Today’s College Environment (Interactive Training Module)

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Mentoring In Today's College Environment

The process of mentoring is one that has been proven to assist universities in the involvement and retention of students. Whether through a formal or informal process, mentoring can hold extreme benefits for those involved in the relationship. In this presentation we will discuss specific populations who will benefit most from mentoring in today’s college environment (first- year students, first-generation), ways to recognize potential mentoring opportunities, and the skills necessary to mentor our future leaders.

Learning Outcomes
After attending this session participants will become aware of the:

  • Mentoring needs of specific college student populations, including first year students, first generation college students, sophomore year students, and African American female students.
  • Ways to recognize and cultivate mentoring opportunities
  • Strategies for developing mentoring relationships with these populations.
  • Skills necessary for successful mentoring relationships.

  • About the Presenter
    Michelle holds a Master's degree in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University and a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Texas-Dallas. She has over 5 years of experience working in higher education. Michelle began working at TWU in May of 2008, and oversees the SUCCESS Mentoring Program, Sophomore Year Community Mentoring Program, the Cultural Connections Leadership Conference and diversity/cultural programs for OIS. Michelle has a strong background in mentoring, student leadership, minority student organizations and Greek Life.

    Recorded at the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE) 38th Annual State Conference

    The Network (by: Michelle Buggs, Assistant Director, Texas Woman's University)