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TCTI: Working with Undecided Students (Interactive Training Module)

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The objective of this module is for users to:

  • This module is designed to provide resources to community college counselors/ advisors that have been assigned to work with the “Undeclared/Undecided student.”

  • Learn how student contact and partnering, with the traditional measures used for retention, completion and engagement, can be used to help students show persistence (staying in college) and major progression (naming a major).

The main goal of the Texas Career and Transition Initiative (TCTI) is the development of a comprehensive training program highlighting best practices in career services for students. Lone Star College System led this project by establishing partnerships with other community and technical colleges in Texas: Amarillo College and Texas State Technical College. These three colleges were identified as having unique and successful career service practices that align student education goals with realities of the workforce. The program consists of seven (7) professional development modules developed by counselors and career service directors based on their expertise, self-study and literature review.

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