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Website Planning and Development (Interactive Training Module)

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Planning and developing a website for online student support is a critical requirement for ensuring student success and retention. The website facilitates student access to support services that are necessary for them to be successful in college, and it affords students comparable access to the same support services available to students on campus. A student services website ensures compliance with regulatory requirements of online programs. This chapter will 1) explore procedures necessary for planning and developing a website; 2) explore the technology considerations and infrastructure needed to ensure website success in the delivery of online student services; and, 3) identify the personnel needed to plan and develop a successful website for online student services. It is difficult to prioritize the importance of procedures, technology, or people as all of the outlined steps are interdependent for understanding the framework of successful website planning.
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Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (by: Helen Torres, M.A., Director of Distance Education, San Antonio College )