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Breaking the Tradeoff btwn School & Work: Community College Voices on Navigating Work & School Roles Join this webinar sponsored by National Council on Student Development (NCSD), to learn about an opportunity to hear the voices of community college students that are so often only understood as variables. During the session, participants will gain a working knowledge of: 59 community college students across three states who… mmolina 04/13/17 386 01/10/18
TxCRLA/TADE present: Examining the Core Principles: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Data Join us as we talk with Alexandros Goudas and investigate the meanings, benefits, drawbacks, and data behind the six core principles outlined in the 2015 document “Core Principles for Transforming Remediation within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy.” This document has six original signatories, yet there are many who have signed… mmolina 05/19/16 3856 01/10/18
TxCRLA/TADE present: A Conversation About the Developmental Education Joint Statement Texas practitioners are on the front lines of educating college students and helping those who are underprepared realize their aspirations in higher education and in life. This webinar is intended to foster a discussion among faculty about new strategies for improving student outcomes in development education. At the center of… mmolina 02/01/16 0
TxCRLA/TADE present: How the New Mathways Project Rocked My World Dr. Stephanie Doyen, innovative math professor and chair at Lone Star College-Kingwood, led Kingwood’s participation in the New Mathways Project since 2013 and taught the Dana Center’s Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning and Statistical Reasoning courses in 2013—2014. Since then, she has worked with the Dana Center to support new instructors… mmolina 11/12/15 0
The New Mathways Project mmolina 10/07/14 0
The New Mathways Project mmolina 10/07/14 0
Modules Providing Opportunities for Workforce Education Readiness mmolina 08/22/14 0
SACSCOC: Reaffirmation of Accreditation 101 From the 2014 Leading from the Middle Conference: SACSCOC Compliance, with Marcy Stoll, Vice President, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges mmolina 08/10/14 0
TxCRLA presents House Bill 5: Effective High School to College Collaboration Presented by Dr. Catherine O’Brien Glenn, Dean – Transitional Studies and Student Success at Lone Star College-CyFair. Learn the basics of House Bill 5 and a model of a successful, practical approach to the bill. Collaboration between five Gulf Coast community colleges and their feeder school districts have created college… mmolina 04/30/14 0
TxCRLA presents: Intentional Connections: Addressing Low Level ABE Student Success (Click on the title above to view the recording of this webinar) Intentional Connections: The challenge for San Jacinto College was to take students that scored very low in developmental education and ensure they are completing a meaningful credential in an effective and efficient manner. This group of students’ progress… mmolina 04/14/14 3802 01/10/18
TxCRLA presents: Moving from Poverty to Completion Amarillo College has moved students from poverty to completion through an intentional, systemic, comprehensive plan that has changed processes, policies, and partnerships. This webinar will help participants to develop their own institutional plans for addressing poverty. Downloads: Amarillo College's presentation Manual: Coach's Playbook mmolina 01/30/14 0
NMP Online: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration IMG.HoverBorder:hover {border:1px solid #90c743;} Getting Started: Print and distribute the Participant Prereading to each participant prior to the session. Print and review the Facilitator Notes prior to the session. Prepare copies of the Slides Handout to be distributed to each participant during the session. Click to launch module. If you… mmolina 01/01/14 0
NMP Online: Supporting Learning with Questioning Strategies IMG.HoverBorder:hover {border:1px solid #90c743;} Getting Started: Print and distribute the Participant Prereading to each participant prior to the session. Print and review the Facilitator Notes prior to the session. Prepare copies of the Slides Handout to be distributed to each participant during the session. Click image to launch module. If… mmolina 01/01/14 0
Courseworld From TCCTA's blog: A grassroots, nonprofit initiative staffed entirely by volunteers features 16,000 curated online videos—all hand-selected, keyword-tagged, and indexed into 700 categories within the arts and humanities. And it is free. The site is called Courseworld. It's kind of fun to peruse, regardless of teaching discipline. Lots of good… mmolina 10/02/13 4094 01/10/18
The Network Module Layout http://thetexasnetwork.org/images/uploads/modulelayout.mov mmolina 07/08/13 0
OnlineCourses.com OnlineCourses.com aggregates the best free and open courseware for students and professionals, all in a conveniently searchable online courseware platform. Search, track, and share progress on over 500 university and college level classes globally. Formerly known as LectureFox.com, we continue to carefully select and share with you new courses every… mmolina 07/02/13 2534 01/10/18
TXCRLA presents: Inside the Integrated Reading & Writing Classroom The Texas College Reading and Learning Association presents its third IRW webinar, entitled Inside the Integrated Reading & Writing Classroom. This webinar was conducted by Dr. Eric J. Paulson, Professor at Texas State University in San Marcos. Handouts: Dr. Paulson's Presentation mmolina 04/26/13 0
TCCTA presents: Resilience Project Watch the recording from an online conversation about student resilience and discussion of how the AQ Resilience Advantage program can be integrated into student success efforts at your school. TCCTA has formed the Partnership for Cultivating Resilience with Integrated Work and PEAK Learning to measurably strengthen the resilience, grit, perseverance… mmolina 04/09/13 0
Texas College Reading and Learning Association mmolina 03/27/13 0
Dana Center presents: “About the NMP: Student Success Focus” The New Mathways Project Team is pleased to announce its second NMP webinar, entitled "About the NMP: Student Success Focus". This webinar was conducted by Nancy Stano, lead developer for the NMP student success course - Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning, and Tom Connolly, lead developer for NMP professional… mmolina 03/27/13 0
TXCRLA presents: Now What? Practical Activities for IRW Classrooms The Texas College Reading and Learning Association presents its second IRW webinar, entitled "Now What? Practical Activities for Integrated Reading/Writing Classrooms". This webinar was conducted by Dr. Leta Deithloff from the University of Texas at Austin. Using practiced principles from five years of integrated reading and writing instruction and 12… mmolina 03/25/13 0
TexMATYC/TCCTA present: Dana Center’s Mathways Project Webinar Recording The Texas Community College Teachers Association and Texas Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges invite you to an open discussion about the new Mathways project developed by the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The Dana Center response... Our New Mathways Project is designed as a… mmolina 11/01/12 0
LSCS’s Faculty to Faculty Webinar Series: Embedded Interventions Among several strategies that improve developmental student success at the 90th percentile of national benchmarks is Embedded Interventions, which are ideas that can scale to all disciplines at all levels. Accepting that students do not “do optional,” Lone Star College faculty embed intervention strategies into their teaching. Embedded interventions are… mmolina 10/02/12 0
TxCRLA Brown Bag Webinar: Integrated Reading & Writing Featuring: Dr. Sugie Goen-Salter, San Francisco State University Dr. Goen-Salter has over ten years experience teaching Integrated Reading and Writing to Developmental students. At the same time, she has taught graduate courses at San Francisco State University, preparing community college faculty to transform their courses and improve student success. Discover… mmolina 09/28/12 0
LSCS’s Faculty to Faculty Webinar Series: Improving Placement in Texas The best placement test can get sabotaged by poor campus practices, and this can cost students time and money. Discover more about adaptive placement tests like our new state test, how to prepare students to do their best, and how to set up state of the art placement policies on… mmolina 09/13/12 0
July Dual Credit Webinar On behalf of the Texas Network, I would like to invite you to our free, live Dual Credit webinar July 25 at 1:30 pm CST. Join us as Dr. Tony Stanzo, Dean of Academic Instruction at Grayson County College discusses the quality and academic rigor of dual credit courses at… mmolina 07/26/12 0
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Webinar Series mmolina 07/23/12 0
TCTI: Industry Specific Career Fairs The objective of this module is for users to: Identify the benefits of targeting career fairs by industry as opposed to broad job fairs for: The Students The Employers The College Follow the steps and considerations to coordinate their own industry-specific career fair. The main goal of the Texas Career… mmolina 07/11/12 0
TCTI: Using Social Media to Boost Placement Rates The objective of this module is for users to: understand how companies are using social media to recruit new talent learn how people use social media in their job search learn how to develop a social media strategy for their department The main goal of the Texas Career and Transition… mmolina 07/11/12 0
TCTI: Internships and Placement The objective of this module is for users to: Find ways to partner with faculty on placement and internships Learn the different types of experiential learning Know the benefits of internships See how internships reach placement of 50% The main goal of the Texas Career and Transition Initiative (TCTI) is… mmolina 07/11/12 0
TCTI: Gender Equity in the Workplace via Career Coaching The objective of this module is for users to: implement gender equity strategies within their institution assist students in contemplating majors that may be considered nontraditional (ability not gender) be more informed about workforce competitiveness be more aware of language, bias and behavior in working with students review marketing materials… mmolina 07/11/12 0
TCTI: Working with Undecided Students The objective of this module is for users to: This module is designed to provide resources to community college counselors/ advisors that have been assigned to work with the “Undeclared/Undecided student.” Learn how student contact and partnering, with the traditional measures used for retention, completion and engagement, can be used… mmolina 07/11/12 0
TCTI: Effective Methods of Career Coaching-Advising The objective of this module is for users to: have a better understanding of the importance of marrying career coaching and academic advising understand the importance of the student-advisor relationship acquire a more thorough knowledge of career clusters and career pathways be aware of ways in which the First Year… mmolina 07/11/12 0
TCTI: Career Advising and Student Success Upon completion of this training module the participant will learn best practices of academic advising specific to student recruitment, retention and completion of workforce programs, yet adaptable to other kinds of programs to improve student success. The main objective of the Texas Career and Transition Initiative (TCTI) is the development… mmolina 07/11/12 0
Stopping the First Leak in the Educational Pipeline Education Open Source 2011 Research continues to support early outreach as an identified method of creating life‐long learners. Colleges, universities and employers must now create the students they hope to see in the future. This session focuses on elementary outreach and will provide student engagement strategies, collaborative examples and sample… mmolina 06/27/12 0
Industry Driven Dual Credit Programs Texas Career Education Conference 2010 Gene Bowman, Director of Alamo Academies, Alamo Colleges Joe Wilson, Manager of Workforce Development, Lockheed Martin Klaus Weiswurm, CEO and Owner; Innovation, Technology and Machinery Participate with an industry panel discussing a feeder program for aerospace, information technology, biotech and advance technology and manufacturing through… mmolina 06/26/12 0
Basic Tasks In Visio Here are some basic tasks that you can do to help you learn how to use Microsoft Visio 2010. mmolina 06/25/12 0
Technical Dual Credit Why take the same course twice? Technical Dual credit allows students in high school to get credit at the community college level with the credit applied directly to their college transcript. Dual credit coursework aims at gaining a certificate and/or associates degree in a chosen field and can even work… mmolina 05/23/12 0
Texas Career and Transition Initiative mmolina 05/11/12 0
Sloan Consortium Workshops With more than 100 workshops in 74 topic areas, Sloan-C provides the full-range of coverage to meet all of your faculty and staff online teaching and learning needs. Each workshop is developed by practitioners for practitioners; enabling thousands of colleagues worldwide to collaborate cost effectively with peers and experts, via… mmolina 05/01/12 0
Texas Early College High School Early College High School is a promising high school reform model targeting students for whom the transition into post-secondary education is currently problematic. Students of Early Colleges engage in a rigorous and supportive academic program of study that blends high school and college work with the goal that students will… mmolina 04/27/12 0
The Dual Credit Dilemma In conversations about the future of higher education, dual credit elicits a wide range of opinions. Considered a cure-all by some and a cop-out by others, dual credit offers students the opportunity to concurrently fulfill high school and university requirements in a single course. While classes can meet at higher… mmolina 04/26/12 0
An Audit Report on Dual Credit Programs at Selected ISDs and Higher Education Institutions Overall Conclusion All selected community colleges' and corresponding independent school districts' (ISDs) dual credit programs fully or substantially complied with most state requirements, as well as with the applicable community colleges' and ISDs' policies and procedures. Ten of the 12 community colleges reviewed fully or substantially complied with all requirements… mmolina 04/26/12 0
Grayson County College Welcome to the Dual Credit program at Grayson County College. The GCC Dual Credit program allows all high school junior and senior students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Through dual credit agreements, the College and the public school districts in Grayson and Fannin Counties have selected courses… mmolina 04/20/12 0
Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment is a program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn academic college or career and technology credit towards a post secondary certificate or degree at South Texas College (STC) that will also count as credit toward a high school diploma. Dual enrollment courses are college courses. Students… mmolina 04/19/12 0
Texas Education Agency Career and Technical Education Update Education Open Source 2011 Vangie Stice-Isreal, State Director, Career and Technical Education, Texas Education Agency. This session includes statewide updates on federal and state policy relating to career and technical education. Attend this informative session to learn more about the new CTE courses and standards developed as a part of… mmolina 04/09/12 0
Best Practices for Teaching an Online Course Presented by Cheryl Brandon Wells, Instructional Designer at Dallas Community College District mmolina 04/05/12 0
The Network Dual Credit Project The Network Dual Credit Project mmolina 02/29/12 0
Evaluation of the Texas High School Project The newly published 2011 Texas High School Project evaluation examines various college-going initiatives, such as Early College High Schools; Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academies and High School Redesign and Restructuring. The report finds that it is easier to establish a rigorous academic environment and a college-going culture in… mmolina 02/27/12 0
Preparing Teachers to Meet the Needs of Their Students Preparing Teachers to Meet the Needs of Their Students: Modeling Differentiated Instruction in College Classes Recorded at TCCTA's Annual Convention 2012. Speaker: Mary Ruth Coleman Teachers in today’s classrooms face a range of student’s academic and social needs. Differentiating instruction can help to ensure that all students have appropriate opportunities… mmolina 02/03/12 0
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