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Education and Career Pathways The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University seeks to inform educators, policymakers, and stakeholders on ways to better align education and training with labor market demand and qualifications. This module discusses the use of workforce data in college programs and compares national data and Texas data and… gzambrano 11/01/17 0
Program Mapping for Guided Pathways Pathways program mapping requires a great deal of time and resources -- and the involvement of many people. Use this module to lead Guided Pathways team discussions by following in the footsteps of Texas community colleges already in the process. Please note the following when attempting to access the module:… gzambrano 11/01/17 0
The College Readiness Prep Course in Texas The Texas Legislature has mandated that high schools must offer students who do not pass the college entrance test a College Prep course, developed in partnership with their local community college. This module introduces the experiences of schools that have created these courses, and recommends key elements of a successful… gzambrano 11/01/17 0
Texas Pathways Project Pathways Institute #1 As the Guided Pathways movement continues to evolve, educators at community colleges are increasingly challenged to stay abreast of recent changes. In this module, thought leaders including Gretchen Schmidt, Kay McClenney, Rob Johnstone and Davis Jenkins share observations about the current state of the movement and offer suggestions to educators… gzambrano 11/01/17 0
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