Getting Ready for the Session

You'll need a couple of items to participate in and get the most from the webinar. First you'll need a computer with Internet access (the higher the bandwidth, the better) and speakers. Please make sure you are on the most up-to-date version of either:

  • Google Chrome (download here)
  • Mozilla Firefox (in your browser click on Help, then Check for Updates)
  • Apple's Safari (download here).

You will also need to be on the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded here

We are using Adobe's Connect Pro, a meeting software. If this is your first time using Connect, you'll need to get familiar with the software in advance. Please take about 15 minutes now to do so.

Test your connection.
Get a quick overview.

Many of your college/institution networks also have set up safety barriers to prevent "pop-up" screens and external programs from loading onto your computers. Watch towards the top of your computer screen during the download and if you see that something is blocked just follow the instructions given to allow the test to continue.

Getting into the Webinar

When you go to the webinar URL on the day of the conference, the site will open by giving you a place to sign in (Enter as a Guest).

Be sure to put in your first and last name followed by your college name or institution in parentheses. For example, John Taylor (Borger College). If you have more than one person participating at your location, list your own name with the college, preceded by "Grp.:". For example, Grp.: John Taylor (Borger College). Lastly, click on the button "Enter Room".

If you have any problems up to this point, call our technical support staff at 800-288-6850 x 10 or 14.


The Network Demonstrations